Why the Popular YouTube Vanced App Had to Be Discontinued?

Discover the truth behind the discontinuation of the popular YouTube Vanced app. Know why users were concerned about Google sending a cease and desist letter.

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YouTube Vanced was a popular third-party YouTube app that offered features not available on the official YouTube app, such as sponsor ad-blocking & skips and background playback with picture-in-picture mode and other features which are not available even in YouTube Premium.

However, in recent news, the Vanced team has announced that the app has been discontinued due to "legal reasons." Many users are curious as to why the app has been discontinued and in this article, we will explore the various theories surrounding this issue and the actual reason behind the discontinuation of YouTube Vanced.

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One of the theories is that Google sent a cease and desist letter because the Vanced team had posted a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) to earn money from the vanced project. However, this theory is not true as the NFT was never sold and was posted as a joke.

The Vanced project was initially created as a hobby project that gained popularity and the team never asked for any donations. The team was sponsored by Brave Browser and Adguard for almost two years, which would have prompted Google to take action earlier if it was about making money.

Another theory suggests that the discontinuation of the app was due to its mention in a video by Linus Media Group. However, this theory is also not accurate as Vanced was already popular and widely used before its mention in the video. Hence, the discontinuation is not related to this theory in any way.

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Some users believe that YouTube Vanced is a piracy app as it provides premium features for free. Ad-blocking in YouTube has been present for many years and was introduced long before Google introduced YouTube Red. Vanced was inspired by such modules and added picture-in-picture mode.

The main source of income for YouTube is not ads but merchandise and YouTube Premium subscriptions.

The Vanced team never forced anyone to use the app and it was up to the user's discretion whether they wanted to use it or not.

Another theory suggests that the discontinuation was due to the developers residing in Russia, but this theory is also not accurate as none of the team members are from Russia or Ukraine and have no links to these countries. The only feature that is considered illegal is the video downloader feature, but the Vanced team had no intentions of adding such a feature and never did.

The actual reason for the cease and desist letter is that YouTube Vanced was infringing the logo and branding of the original YouTube app as the logo resembled the original logo and was used without obtaining prior permission from Google. The Vanced team was asked to remove all links for the distribution of any vanced apps, leading to the decision of discontinuation.

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Unfortunately, this is the end of the project and there will be no future updates. The current releases of Vanced will continue to work as long as Google doesn't break them through features rolled server-side. The Telegram group chat will remain open for users who need help with the current releases of Vanced and they will still have access to any documentation related to Vanced, including troubleshooting.

In conclusion, YouTube Vanced has been discontinued due to legal reasons, specifically the infringement of the logo and branding of the original YouTube app. The various theories surrounding the discontinuation are not true and the actual reason behind the discontinuation is clear. Despite the discontinuation, current releases of Vanced will continue to work and the Telegram group chat will remain open for users who need help with the app.

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