Fortnite Weapon Guide: Best πŸ”« Guns for Different Situations

Tired of losing in Fortnite? In this guide we will explain how to choose the right weapon for each situation and increase your chances of winning.

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Are you tired of constantly losing in Fortnite? Do you want to improve your gameplay and increase your chances of winning? One of the most critical factors in Fortnite is choosing the right weapon for each situation. Knowing which guns to use in different scenarios can mean victory or defeat.

This article will provide a comprehensive guide to the best guns for different situations in Fortnite. If you want to know more undetected Fortnite cheats, including other weapons, then go through this article.

#1. Assault Rifles

Regarding assault rifles in Fortnite, they are some of the most versatile weapons in the game. They can be used in various situations, from close-range to long-range. Here are some tips on how to use them effectively.

A] Close Range

At close range, assault rifles can be deadly. They have a high rate of fire and can deal a lot of damage quickly. The best assault rifle for close range is the Tactical Assault Rifle. This weapon acts less like an AR and more like an SMG. It has a high rate of fire and can deal significant damage to players and structures alike.

B] Mid Range

Assault rifles are most effective at mid-range. They are fast and accurate enough to dominate those medium-range fights in matches. The best assault rifle for mid-range is the standard Assault Rifle. It is a mid-range killer and can be used effectively in most situations. It has a high accuracy and damage output, making it a reliable choice for mid-range engagements.

C] Long Range

Assault rifles are less effective at long range than close and mid-range. However, they can still be helpful in certain situations. The best assault rifle for long-range is the Scoped Assault Rifle. It has a low zoom scope and is a slow firing, making it accurate at long range. Another option is the Thermal Scoped Rifle, which has a thermal zoomed scope and is semi-automatic.

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#2. Shotguns

Shotguns are the go-to weapon for close-range combat in Fortnite. They deal massive damage at close range and can quickly take down an enemy. However, they are ineffective at long range, so you must be careful when using them.

A] Pump Shotgun

The Pump Shotgun is a classic shotgun that has existed since the beginning. It deals severe damage but has a slow fire rate. You need to aim carefully and make sure your shots count. It is most effective at close range, and you should use it when you are confident that you can take down an enemy with one or two shots.

B] Tactical Shotgun

The Tactical Shotgun is a more versatile shotgun with a faster fire rate than the Pump Shotgun. It deals less damage per shot but can fire more shots in a shorter time. This makes it more effective at close range, where you can quickly take down an enemy with multiple shots.

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#3. SMGs

When it comes to close to mid-range combat, SMGs are your best bet. They have a high rate of fire and can shred through enemies quickly. In this section, we'll go over the best SMGs for different situations.

A] Close Range

You need an SMG that can take down enemies quickly when you're in tight quarters. The Rapid Fire SMG is the best choice for this situation. It has a high rate of fire and can quickly shred through enemies at close range. It's also great for taking down structures and breaking through walls.

B] Mid Range

The Stinger SMG is your best bet if you need an SMG for mid-range combat. It has a tighter bullet spread than other SMGs, making it more accurate at longer ranges. It also has a high fire rate and can significantly damage enemies. When using an SMG at mid-range, it's essential to fire in short bursts to maintain accuracy.

#4. Sniper Rifles

Regarding long-range combat, sniper rifles are the way to go. They can take out enemies from a distance, giving you an advantage over opponents using close-range weapons. In this section, we will review the two types of sniper rifles in Fortnite, Bolt-Action Sniper Rifles and Semi-Auto Sniper Rifles.

A] Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle

The Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle is a powerful weapon that can take out an enemy in one shot if you hit them in the head. It has a slow rate of fire, so you need to make each shot count. This weapon is best used for long-range combat, where you can take your time to aim and fire. Its accuracy and damage make it an excellent choice to remove enemies from a distance.

B] Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle

The Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle is an excellent weapon for players who prefer a faster rate of fire. It can shoot multiple rounds quickly, making it easier to hit moving targets. However, it does less damage than the Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle, so you may need to hit your enemy multiple times to take them out.

#5. Pistols

Regarding pistols in Fortnite, you want to ensure a reliable close-range option. Pistols are great for finishing off enemies or dealing with them in tight spaces. However, they're not as effective at longer ranges.

A] Close Range

For close range, the best pistol in Fortnite is the Epic/Legendary Dual Pistols. These pistols fire quickly and pack a punch, making them perfect for taking down enemies up close. They also have a decent magazine size, so you won't have to reload as often.

B] Mid Range

If you're looking for a pistol that can handle mid-range combat, the Epic/Legendary Scoped Revolver is the best option. This pistol has a scope that allows you to aim more accurately at longer ranges. It also deals decent damage and has a decent fire rate.


In Fortnite, having the right weapon for the situation can differentiate between victory and defeat. By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of different weapons, you can make informed decisions about which ones to use in different situations.

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