Ubuntu Server 24.04 LTS vs 22.04 LTS

Explore the major upgrades, exciting new features, and enhancements in Ubuntu Server 24.04 LTS, including performance improvements, security updates, and extended support.

Ubuntu Server 24.04 LTS vs 22.04 LTS
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Ubuntu has long been a favourite among developers and system administrators for its stability, security, and ease of use. With the release of Ubuntu Server Core 24.04 LTS (Noble Numbat), there are several exciting updates and improvements over its predecessor, Ubuntu Server Core 22.04 LTS (Jammy Jellyfish).

Let's see what exciting changes this latest release brings to the table.

Linux Kernel and System Updates

First things first, Ubuntu 24.04 LTS comes with Linux kernel 6.8, which is a major upgrade over the 5.15 kernel used in 22.04 LTS. This new kernel promises better performance, improved hardware support, and stronger security measures.

systemd has also been updated - from version 249 in Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS to 255.4 in 24.04 LTS. This update will ensure smoother service management and faster boot performance.
Feature Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Ubuntu 24.04 LTS
Kernel Version 5.15 6.8
Performance Standard Enhanced
Hardware Support Limited Improved

Performance Engineering

Ubuntu 24.04 LTS brings several improvements to performance:

  • Performance tools are now pre-enabled and pre-loaded, allowing you to use them right away.
  • Low-latency kernel features have been merged into the default kernel, reducing task scheduling delays.
  • Frame pointers are enabled by default on 64-bit architectures, enabling accurate and complete flame graphs for performance engineers.
  • bpftrace is now a standard tool alongside existing profiling utilities.
Feature Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Ubuntu 24.04 LTS
Performance Tools Basic Pre-enabled
Low-latency Kernel Features No Yes
Frame Pointers No Yes
bpftrace No Yes

Security Enhancements

Ubuntu 24.04 LTS takes security very seriously, and you'll find significant improvements in this area:

  • Free security maintenance for the main repository has been extended to 5 years, with an option to add 5 more years and include the universe repository via Ubuntu Pro.
  • A legacy support add-on is now available for organizations that require long-term stability beyond 10 years.
Security Feature Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Ubuntu 24.04 LTS
Free Security Maintenance 5 years 5 years + 5 optional
Legacy Support No Yes

Support Lifespan and Upgrades

Ubuntu 24.04 LTS comes with an extended support lifespan and improved upgrade options:

  • Support duration has been increased to 5 years, with the option to extend it further.
  • Automatic upgrades will be offered to users of Ubuntu 23.10 and 22.04 LTS when 24.04.1 LTS is released.
Feature/Support Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Ubuntu 24.04 LTS
Support Duration 5 years (specific editions) 5 years + optional extension
Automatic Upgrades No Yes (for 23.10 and 22.04)

New Features and Package Updates

Ubuntu 24.04 LTS brings a few exciting new features and package updates:

  • Year 2038 support has been added for the armhf architecture.
  • Linux kernel 6.8 and systemd v255.4 are the latest versions included.
New Feature Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Ubuntu 24.04 LTS
Year 2038 Support No Yes
Linux Kernel Version 5.15 6.8
Systemd Version 249 255.4

Application and Service Improvements

Several key applications and services have received updates in Ubuntu 24.04 LTS:

  • Nginx has been updated to version 1.24, offering better support for modern web protocols and improved performance.
  • OpenLDAP has been upgraded to version 2.6.7, bringing bug fixes and enhancements.
  • LXD is no longer pre-installed, reducing the initial footprint, but will be installed upon first use.
  • Monitoring plugins have been updated to version 2.3.5, including multiple enhancements and new features for better system monitoring.
Service/Feature Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Ubuntu 24.04 LTS
Nginx 1.20 1.24
OpenLDAP 2.5 2.6.7
LXD Pre-installed Installed on use
Monitoring Plugins 2.3.2 2.3.5

Infrastructure and Deployment

Ubuntu 24.04 LTS also brings improvements to infrastructure and deployment:

  • The new Landscape web portal is built with Canonical's Vanilla Framework, providing an improved API, better accessibility, and a new repository snapshot service.
  • Enhanced management capabilities for snaps, supporting on-premises, mixed, and hybrid cloud environments.

Should You Upgrade from Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS to 24.04 LTS?

Currently Ubuntu Server 24.04 LTS offers:

  • Improved hardware support and compatibility with linux kernel 6.8
  • Performance enhancements and faster boot times
  • Extended 5-year support lifespan until June 2029
  • Stronger security with 5+5 years of maintenance, legacy support add-on
  • Seamless upgrade path from 23.10 and 22.04 LTS
  • Updated packages like NGINX, OpenLDAP, and monitoring plugins

The decision to upgrade from 22.04 LTS should consider:

  • New hardware/peripheral compatibility needs
  • Performance requirements for workloads
  • Security and compliance priorities
  • Support window and maintenance needs
  • Ease of upgrade and potential downtime

Also, Testing for stability and compatibility is crucial, especially for critical applications.

Ubuntu Release Notes:

  1. Ubuntu 24.04 LTS (Noble Numbat)
  2. Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (Jammy Jellyfish)

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